Fastprint devotes to technology innovation with full-satisfied and speedy services and to be an outstanding world-class one-stop hardware service supplier. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Shenzhen, Fastprint was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Three manufacturing campuses were built in Guangzhou, Yixing of Jiangsu Province and the UK respectively. Five branch offices were opened in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu andXi’an. Besides, there are two subsidiaries in HK and USA, dozens of customer service centers at home and abroad. That is to say, Fastprint shaped the international network of marketing and technique, offering more than 4,000 customers from the globe the good quality service.

Fastprint’s future goal is to build the biggest quick-turn manufacturing platform of prototype, various types and low volume PCBs in the world; to offer advanced manufacturing of IC Substrate and the assorted technical service; to build the open technical service platform and organize experienced specialists groups, forming the comprehensive capability of universal core technique in E-hardware design; to offer personalized one-stop solution matching the local various types and quick SMT service.

As for PCB manufacturing, Fastprint keep the worldwide leading delivery abilities of various types(over 230,000 in 2014) and quick turn boards (average delivery of prototype is less than 7days). Through combining the advantages of high-level flexible management, diversified overall technology, large-scale cost with multi-disciplinary core techniques in consistent construction, Fastprint is fostering and improving the heading position in prototype and low volume PCBs further. 

On the basis of PCB manufacturing, Fastprint propels the one-stop services of PCB design, PCB fabrication and PCB assembly proactively. To create the best whole value for projects, the company has eliminated customers’ trouble in communication, follow-up and coordination during the management flows of product design, processing and purchasing. The cycles of customers’ R&D, pilot and produce are shortened effectively by seamless transition among different business within the company, reducing the total cost. The professional techniques increase Right-First-Time of customers’ R&D programs.

In PCB design territory, Faced with the challenges from hardware R&D technologies like high-speed signal and RF, Fastprint’s technical innovation keep pace with the international standards. In addition to specialized PCB Layout design outsourcing, the company is capable of providing design and simulation including SI, PI, EMC, RF, Thermal, Mechanical and so on. At the same time, SMT is positioned at the fast-turn model for multi-types products. The entire process including components purchase, PCBA mount and soldering, detection online, overall measurement is available to the customers, whose whole project cycles will be shortened effectively.

In 2013, Fastprint formally marched into the integrated circuit industry chain, which is the critical area of corporate tactical development in the future. Production and Industrialization Projects of High Density Packaging Flip Chip Substrate was declared to be a national scientific program and supported by the 02 special fund, realizing a leaped development. Based on IC substrate, Fastprint is forging the advantages of large scale, various products, fast delivery and advanced technology positively, focus on becoming the indigenous leading enterprise in the field. What’ more, Fastprint is making effort to the ability of integrating solution for substrate design, fabrication and package test, offering all kinds of efficient assorted technical service for IC Substrate. 

It is Fastprint’s direction of progress to provide clients with more valuable technical service and overall solution. It is Fastprint’s target to develop internationally further. Looking forward to the future, Fastprint will concentrate on the innovation and development of electronics hardware as before, and make persistent efforts on PCB, one-stop service, integrated circuit and military products. With first class service, we are going to create more value for our customers.