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Leading Edge ATE With a Commitment to Excellence

“Our goal is to exceed the needs of our customer through investment in Technology & Innovation, Continuous Improvement in Engineering Support and a Global Manufacturing Solution for the Semiconductor Test Industry.”



• ATE, Burn-In , Eval / Characterization specialists
• Hi Power Applications
• Thermal Control Solutions
• Hi-Speed range to 60gHz
• 0.4mm pitch
• 46+ layers
• High Mix/Low to Med Volume
• Latest design manufacturing tools in both US and Asia
• 2 world class mfg facilities for PCB and assembly
• Quality – Key supplier for Semiconductor Industry


• Lower Cost Solutions
• Ensure Zero risk policy through local on-site quality Design Support & Test
• Turnkey Solution (Design support, PCB fab & Assembly)
• Meeting your challenging requirements of leading-edge applications
• Customer Service–Same day response, 24 hour support, daily project updates and technical service staff to support any design or manufacturing need
• 10+ years’experience in the leading edge technologySemiTest industry
• Quick turn Lead-time specialists

The FastPrint Technology Turnkey Service:


FastPrint’s engineering and manufacturing teams specialize in PCB solutions for the Semiconductor test industry by supporting the customer’s demand for ever increasing RF speed, compressed pitch, high power, thermal control, and custom circuitry Burn-In & ATE printed circuit boards. With leading edge PCB and Assembly manufacturing facilities and equipment, FastPrint Technology is becoming a trusted leader in today’s challenging semiconductor test & reliability market.